1.1    The insulated room(s) provided by Ram Freezers & Coolers Manufacturing, Inc. under this specification

         shall be prefabricated of modular design.  Panels shall be constructed to allow for easy, accurate field

         assembly with provisions to facilitate future enlargement or relocation.


1.2    Refrigeration equipment shall meet or exceed current requirements of the following specifications (as

        applicable):  electrical components shall meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC);

        refrigeration components shall meet the specifications established by the American Society of Heating,

        Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE).




2.1    All dimensions listed are approximate outside dimensions (in feet and inches), unless otherwise





3.1    Standard panels shall be made in maximum widths of 47" (1194 mm) and fully interchangeable for

        ease of installation.  Panels are in accordance with the floor plan.


3.2    Tongue and groove perimeter edge of panels for proper alignment.


3.3A  Option A:  All panels shall be provided with cam-action panel fasteners.  Locks shall be in plastic

        blocks with access hole for hex wrench.  Access holes shall be covered with snap caps.


3.3B  Option B:  All panels shall be provided with continuous Snap roll- formed panel fasteners.  Locks shall

        be in plastic blocks with access hole for hex wrench.  Access holes shall be covered with snap caps.




4.1    Polyurethane characteristics:  insulation shall be a Class 1, rigid polyurethane foam (1.9 lb to 2.2 lb

        per cubic foot density).  The thermal conductivity factor ("K") shall not exceed 0.16

        BTU/H/Sq.Ft.F/In.  Insulation shall be a 97% closed cell structure, Factory Mutual classified 20 flame

        spread, 60 smoke developed.  The aged "R" factors are as follow:

    4" (102 mm) insulation:25.0

    6" (152 mm) insulation:37.5


4.2    Polystyrene characteristic:  insulation shall be a Class 1, expanded polystyrene (1.0 lb per cubic foot

        density).  The thermal conductivity factor ("K") shall not exceed 0.24 BTU/H/Sq.Ft./F/In.  Insulation

        shall be a 97% closed cell structure, UL classified 15 flame spread, 125 smoked developed.  The "R"

        factors are as follow:

    4" (102 mm) insulation:16.7

    6" (152 mm) insulation:25.0




5.1    The following standard metal finishes are available:

    22 gauge/0.024" (0.6 mm) white embossed aluminum;

    20 gauge/0.032" (0.8 mm) white embossed aluminum;

    26 gauge/0.019" (0.5 mm) natural finish smooth G90 galvanized steel with proprietary coating;

    24 gauge/0.024" (0.6 mm) smooth stainless steel, #304, type 3 finish.


5.2    Other finishes are available upon request.


6.0    FLOORS:


6.1    Prefabricated insulated floors (nominal thickness to be same as insulation 4.0):

A.     Standard floor construction:

Wearing surface: 18 gauge/0.048" (1.2 mm) natural finish smooth G90 galvanized steel with proprietary coating;

Insulation (as in 4.0 above);

Outer metal finish (as in 5.0 above).

B.     Reinforced floor construction:

Wearing surface: 26 gauge/0.019" (0.5 mm) natural finish smooth G90 galvanized steel with proprietary coating;

Reinforcement:  3/8" (9.5 mm) wood;

Insulation (as in 4.0 above);

Outer metal finish (as in 5.0 above).


6.2    Concrete floors:

A.     Floor insulation:  includes mass insulation (as in 4.0 above), with visqueen vapor-barrier, nominal thickness of insulation is 4" (102 mm) unless otherwise stated.

B.     Please note that buyer must pour a 3" (76 mm) or 4" (102 mm) minimum concrete wearing surface over this insulation.  Concrete ramp(s), subslab(s), and floor heating may also be required, depending on concrete floor design.

Concrete slab design by customer's engineers.


7.0    DOORS:


7.1    The following standard doors are available:

A.     Standard infitting door:  36" x 78" (914 mm x 1981 mm) swinging door mounted in panel frame, with commercial-duty chrome hardware,  inside safety release handle, and padlock provision on single point latch.

B.     Infitting door with casing:  swinging door, with metal-clad wood outside casing.  Other specifications same as A.  Inside casing is optional (not included unless stated).

C.     Overlap door:  heavy-duty swinging door, with industrial-duty hardware, metal clad wood casing (inside and outside) and jamb, inside safety handle.

D.     Manual sliding door:  sliding door, with bulb gaskets, heavy-duty track, ball bearing trolleys, metal clad casing (inside and outside) and headers, floor mount stay rollers, stops and pressure plate.

E.     Electric sliding door:  sliding door, with same specifications as D., with electric motor and drive mechanism, and safety devices.


7.2    Unless otherwise stated, door finish is 26 gauge/0.019: (0.5 mm) G90 galvanized steel or same

        color/pattern as panels; insulation to be same as in 4.0 unless otherwise stated.  All freezer doors are

        equipped with door heater.  Dimensions are nominal.


7.3    Certain other door types are available upon request.


7.4    OPTIONAL:  plastic strip curtain, with aluminum mounting bracket (to reduce infiltration of warmer

        ambient air into room).  This is not included unless stated.


7.5    OPTIONAL:  Air curtain with automatic switch to reduce infiltration of warmer ambient air where

        product or traffic through doorway merits.  This is not included unless stated.


7.6    Glass doors:  unless otherwise stated to be multipaned, with tempered glass, door heater, frame

        heater, five wire shelves per door, fluorescent lights and ballasts.  Freezer doors to have glass heaters

        and low temperature ballasts.



8.0    LIGHTING:


8.1    Incandescent light characteristics:  vapor-proof light fixtures with lexan globes.


8.2    Fluorescent light characteristics: 4' long and 8' long double-bulbed fluorescent light fixtures with

        ballasts and high-output bulbs.  Freezer fixtures are equipped with low-temperature ballasts.  Vapor-

        proof fixture are available if required.


8.3    One light switch (with pilot light) per room.




9.1    One (1) remote dial thermometer per room (degrees F and C).


9.2    Rooms without prefabricated floor:  aluminum angle to affix wall panels to concrete floor.


9.3    Silicone sealant for panel seams.


9.4    Butyl sealant for panel seams.


9.5    Where required:  metal-clad ceiling stringer. (Hanging rods or other mechanism to attach ceiling

        panels to building roof structure is not included unless stated).


9.6    Freezers:  heated pressure relief vents as required.





10.1  Commercial refrigeration systems quoted to include condensing unit, evaporator(s), and accessories

        kit.  Unless otherwise stated:  capacities given are at 95F (35C) ambient air temperature,

        condensing units are air-cooled, evaporators have standard-velocity fan motors.  All freezer

        evaporators have electric-defrost system unless otherwise stated.  Some accessories may be factory-

        mounted.  Accessories kit to consist of the following controls/components:

    A.     All systems (standard kit):

sight glass

liquid line filter/dryer

pressure control

thermostatic expansion valve(s)

industrial thermostat

solenoid valve

B.     Systems with semi-hermetic compressor include:

vibration eliminator

C      All freezer systems include:

drain heater(s)

heat exchanger(s)

defrost timer

D.     Freezer systems for rooms at -20F (-29C) and lower temperatures include:

suction accumulator

oil separator

E.     Outdoor systems include:

condensing unit weather cover

F.      Outdoor systems for climates with low ambient temperatures include:

crankcase heater

head pressure valve

G.     Optional items (not included unless stated):

liquid subcooling circuit

crankcase pressure regulator

evaporator pressure regulator


fused disconnect


10.2  Unless otherwise stated, no installation fittings are included (piping, refrigerant, electrical supplies,

        etc.).  These should be supplied by installing contractor(s) or are available upon request.


10.3  Industrial refrigeration systems  are available upon request.





11.1  OPTIONAL:  chamber assembly by Refrigeration Engineering & Manufacturing.  Not included unless



11.2  It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide the following:

    A.     Refrigeration installation & condensate drain connections;

    B      Electrical utilities to the electrical equipment and connections;

    C.     Fees and permits, if required;

    D.     Fire sprinkler system, if required;

    E.     Any concrete work.


11.3  All work must be completed under a certified mechanical contractor.  Permits must be obtained by this

        contractor, and displayed at job site prior to chamber assembly if assembled by by Ram Freezers &

        Coolers Manufacturing, Inc.





12.1  General:

    A.     No freight, delivery, or panel crating included unless otherwise stated.

    B.     Prices quoted are F.O.B. our Hialeah, Florida plant.


12.2  OPTIONAL: Freight to continental United States destinations via common carrier or dedicated trailer. 

        If shipment is by dedicated trailer, no panel crating is required.  Freight is not included unless stated.


12.3  OPTIONAL:  Panel crating:  if shipment is to be by common carrier, or if goods are not container-

        loaded at our plant, panel crating is necessary.  The following types of panel are available (panel

        crating is not included unless stated):

    A.         Cardboard packing material.

    B.         Shrink wrapped

    C.     Wood crating.