Refrigeration Introduction

At RAM, each refrigerated enclosure is tailored to your exact needs.  This general literature characterizes our product line which is currently in use in many nations and in many industries.  We have 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cold storage facilities, both commercial and industrial. 

A host of applications from -40F. to +180F. (-40C to +82C)  operations which include blast freezing and cooling, pre-cooling, storage freezers and coolers, processing plants, distribution facilities and their material handling, and cargo centers.  Products stored or processed has included fresh and frozen foods, seed storage, flower growing and cut flowers, pharmaceutical, and chemical storage.  Project experience includes all aspects of the product development - from development of the concept, to manufacture, installation, project management, and maintenance of cold storage facilities. 

RAM insulated panels are structural sandwich laminates which usually consists of three layers of materials, yet behave as one.  Different metal skins are permanently bonded under pressure to the central insulation core of expanded polystyrene or urethane with an elastic adhesive which allows for the expansion and contraction of the various components throughout the range of temperatures and variations.

These panels can be assembled to create one or several compartments from a small room to a building.  These chambers can be matched with energy efficient refrigeration systems.  A wide variety of door sizes and types are available for your specific needs.

Many other pre-engineered optional features are also available to create virtually any type of enclosure which will meet your needs.  In addition to the flexibility indicated above, the modular design allows for easy, accurate, field assembly with provisions to facilitate future enlargement or relocation.

International experience includes South and Central America, Caribbean, Middle East, Russia, and the Polynesian Islands. 

As in all generalizations, your specific need can be better addressed with a call to our staff.  We stand ready to design the right system for your particular investment and operational needs.