RAM Panels Mfg., Inc., is a leading manufacturer of structural insulated panels since 1978.  RAM has developed construction packages that feature a number of innovative panel designs. All offer affordability, quick and easy installation and a high degree of design flexibility.

The Snap Insulated Panel was developed after much research. The panel core incorporates expanded polystyrene, selected for its high insulation performance. The joint design of the exterior metal skins adds strength and simply snaps together. The wall and roof panels form a continuous foam interface for maximum energy efficiency. Insulation gaps are virtually eliminated. There is less settling or compressing, less moisture absorption or dust saturation, and considerably fewer cavities that permit convection or air circulation than in conventional framing methods.

This system is also structurally superior to conventional stud framing methods. The core of rigid expanded polystyrene foam provides shear strength, while the exterior skins provide tensile and compressive strength. The solid walls and roof use all their capacity to support vertical loads, have exceptional racking resistance and can resist local loads, buckling and bending. These are important characteristics for resisting earthquake and hurricane forces.

The panels are very light and easy to handle, which helps the job advance rapidly. The internal locking system eliminates the need for additional fastening methods at the joint. With just a snap, the structural system, wall and roof sheathing and insulation are installed. Construction time is considerably less than conventional methods reducing labor costs.

All panels are manufactured to exact lengths, which further simplifies construction. Openings for skylights, windows and doors can be precut. Custom shapes for windows or building decor can easily be cut right on the jobsite. Electrical wiring chases can be included in the panel or the panels can be stripped out for surface mounted runs and covered with a finishing material such as drywall.

The panel offers a wide range of design flexibility, and has been used in a variety of applications including in-plant offices, freestanding units, houses, restaurants, industrial storage units, cold rooms, carport facilities and loading zone canopies.

RAM Panel Systems also offers a complete line of aluminum extrusions, fasteners, hardware, engineering drawings for existing houses.